‘Obama’s call to create, not just consume’

Sources: ‘President Obama on the Necessity of Science‘, YouTube, 27 April 2009; Revkin, A. (2009) ‘Obama’s Call to Create, Not Just Consume‘, New York Times, 27 April.

Note: you can listen to an audio-only version of the speech here.

76 American Nobel Laureates publicly endorse Barack Obama

Link here for the letter of 76 American Nobel Laureates who have publicly endorsed Barack Obama for US President.  One interesting thing about the associated endorsement (see below) by Martin Chalfie (2008 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry) of Columbia University is how it is framed in a global context, and how he refer to the need to reinstate America’s respected presence (dominance?) in global scientific networks, though this depends ever so much on national ideological shifts, changes in political practices, and new policy stances.  Interesting times ahead, regardless of who wins tomorrow…

Kris Olds