2 thoughts on “Tertiary Education: A Global Report

  1. What do these statistics say about Higher Education in America in comparison to other countries? How can we increase enrollment across the globe? Some countries have extremely low GER’s; how can those countries increase those rates? What causes female enrollment, globally, to be higher than male enrollment and how can those statistics even out more?

  2. It was tremendously eye-opening to read these facts and figures. In America, our framework for higher education is incredibly different than the other countries of the world. Certain countries have barely any twenty-somethings enrolling in university; others have impossibly high rates; there’s gender disparity and some impressive spending differences as well. I found it most interesting that I wouldn’t have predicted the countries with the highest education expenditures and participation in higher education. Unfortunately, the lowest end of many of the spectrums were inhabited by the countries and nations of Africa; it’d be nice to see this change one day.

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