Visualizing the uneven geographies of knowledge production and circulation

As noted in a previous entry (‘Visualizing the globalization of higher education and research’), we’ve been keen to both develop and promote high quality visualizations associated with the globalization of higher education and research. On this note, the wonderful Floating Sheep collective recently informed me about some new graphics that will be published in:

The visualization and analysis for the images below (three of many!) was conducted by Dr. Mark Graham, Scott A. Hale and Monica Stephens, in collaboration with Dr. Corinne M. Flick and the Convoco Foundation.

Many thanks to Mark Graham for permission to post these fascinating visualizations on GlobalHigherEd.

Kris Olds & Susan Robertson


The Location of Academic Knowledge (journals by country)

Academic Knowledge & Language (journals by language/country)

Academic Knowledge & Publishers

8 thoughts on “Visualizing the uneven geographies of knowledge production and circulation

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  3. I have discovered a new professional source tat has treaded new waters in my educational voyage. The development of the series if visualization regarding globalization of higher education show trends in enhanced way to be better understood. The Observatory is the organization that keeps track of emerging trends, and best practices. This collaborative work which started in 2010, will be a benefit to countless organizational leaders, providing navigational charts that guides us to the borderless education.

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