Retuning GlobalHigherEd

Dear colleagues,

After experiencing the busiest academic years of our respective lives, we’ve decided to adjust the pitch of GlobalHigherEd, somewhat, and include a broader mix of long (for a weblog) analytical entries with shorter updates regarding important new reports, interesting visualizations, video clips, links to key stories or event-related websites, and so on. This should enable us to keep the weblog moving on a more measured pace, and also complement our active Twitter feed (which now has 2,700+ followers).

Alas, the pace of life when GlobalHigherEd was launched — during sabbaticals in Paris (Kris) and Amsterdam (Susan) — won’t be returning soon so our aspirations to only post longer (1,200-2,000 word) analytical entries has now become unrealistic. We’ll be sure, though, to keep the tone and focus of GlobalHigherEd the same as we continue to map out what is a fascinating, complicated, and ever-evolving global higher education and research landscape.

With all best wishes,

Kris Olds & Susan Robertson

3 thoughts on “Retuning GlobalHigherEd

  1. My blogging habits have changed over the past year or so as I too tend to make shorter entries and embed videos or documents of interest. Blogging can be a part-time job. With my family obligations with three little kids, full-time job and dissertation I had to make adjustments to the posts I made to IHEC Blog. Happy to hear that things will continue!

  2. Thanks for the reflections, David…I agree, needless to say. My main concern is ensuring that buffet- or potluck-style meal indigestion does not occur with too many bits & pieces!

  3. I completely understand! My blog takes up quite a bit of my time, and I only write twice a week! But with a 9-to-5 job, family, etc. it is, as you said, unrealistic to produce such in-depth posts.
    Thanks for what you’ve done so far – it’s been really good to read.

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