Mapping the expansion of Bologna Process membership (1999-2011)

Note: our thanks to the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) for the funds to create this map, and to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Cartography Lab for creating it. Further details on the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area are available here and here.

3 thoughts on “Mapping the expansion of Bologna Process membership (1999-2011)

  1. It was very interesting to note how many countries were a part of the process since the beginning, and how many joined later. The fact that most of Europe is involved in this shows a great commitment to increasing the quality of education across all countries and increasing collaboration between universities across the globe.

  2. The Bologna process is a good example of how higher education networking can be successful. This type of collaboration is a step toward improving the quality of education.

  3. Interesting. So basically, Kosovo and Belarus are left.
    I have been pushing for a similar apporach to Bologna in my Latin American countries for quite a while now, but without the “competencies” system. In any case, I think the world is heading for a great deal of flexible standardization (an oximoron, or a cherished dream?) in the near future.
    Thank you Kris and Susan for sharing!

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