Two reflections on world university rankings

Editors’ note: if you are exploring GlobalHigherEd today please be aware that we’ve just loaded up two entries below regarding the world university rankings issue.  These entries are designed to be complementary, though they clearly operate at different levels. Our sincere thanks to Pablo Achard of the University of Geneva for his very thoughtful guest entry (‘Rankings: a case of blurry pictures of the academic landscape?‘). Needless to say the entry written by Kris Olds, Ellen Hazelkorn and Susan Robertson (‘Governing world university rankers: an agenda for much needed reform‘) is an invitation to critically reflect about world university ranking futures.

Best wishes,

Kris Olds & Susan Robertson

2 thoughts on “Two reflections on world university rankings

  1. How important is it for students to choose a University based upon rank? How will this impact their career across a 40 year span if they choose a #3 or a #7 ranked University?

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