The economic impact of international students around the world

Editors’ note: our sincere thanks to Jason Baumgartner (Indiana University Bloomington), Julie Chambers (Institute of International Education) and Robert Gutierrez (Institute of International Education) for permitting us to post their NAFSA 2010 slideshow here.  As our regular readers know, GlobalHigherEd has run a series of entries on this theme including:

Further entries will be developed this summer, especially now that we have just finished over a month of work-related travel (hence the recent slow-down in entries on this site).

Kris Olds & Susan Robertson

6 thoughts on “The economic impact of international students around the world

  1. I have posted to IHEC Blog several times in the past about the economic impact of international education. You might find these reports and news articles of interest as you compile you list:

    “The economic impact of international students in Aberdeen City” Aberdeen City Council Briefing Paper 2008/03 at

    “Exports of educational services attributable to the overseas student industry in Australia” by Bob Birrell of Monash (Aug. 5, 2009) for University for University World News at

    “International Education Strategy of the Province of Manitoba, 2009-2010” at

    “Minister eager to recruit elite international students” (Top foreign students could get free education in exchange for committing to work in Denmark) April, 24, 2009 at

    “City Council and colleges score Irish first with international scholarships” (City of Dublin) June 3, 2009 at

    “Colleges aim to attract international students” (City of Dublin) June 6, 2009 at

    Stuart Hughes who maintains the IDP Database of Research on International Education commented on my Aberdeen City Council IHEC Blog post listing the following state level reports:

    – Brisbane – city of education : the economic impact of international students. (2004 and 2007)
    – The economic impact of London’s international students. (2007)
    – Report : international student spending. Dunedin: Dunedin City Council. (2004)
    – International students : economic benefits for Auckland city. (2003)
    – International students : their impact on Auckland city. (2003)
    – Vancouver’s English language school sector. (2003)
    – A report on the demographic, social and economic impact of international students on North Shore City [Auckland]. (2002)
    – The economic impact of the overseas student industry: special reference to the Wollongong economy. (1998)
    – Domestic economic impact of exporting education: a case study of the University of Wollongong. (1995)

    Past IHEC Blog post “What Would be the Economic Impact on the United States if we Send 1,000,000 U.S. Students to Study Abroad?” from Dec. 3, 2009 at

  2. In May 2012, the Province of British Columbia, Canada announced their new International Education Strategy ( and in June the BC Council for International Education (BCCIE) officially launches a new website which provides a unique glimpse of what it means to study in British Columbia and gives international students a platform on which to share their experiences.

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