Twittering for GlobalHigherEd

TwitterGlobalHigherEd was established in the Fall of 2007 at the start of a wonderful year long sabbatical at Sciences Po in Paris (for Kris), and an inspiring four month long visiting professorship at the University of Amsterdam (for Susan).  Alas our ‘regular’ schedules are relatively hectic now so we are attempting to be creative with less frequent entries, the utilization of periodic guest entries, and so on.

On this note, today marks the start of a GlobalHigherEd Twitter service.  Those of you who wish to keep up with briefer notices regarding interesting reports, debates, events, and so on, should subscribe to:, and/or keep an eye on the Twitter widget to the right (just below our visitor location map) which will simultaneously profile our ‘mini’ contributions, and allow you to track/link without subscribing.

The Twitter service is designed to complement (not replace) GlobalHigherEd, lay some practical groundwork for longer entries in our weblog, and act as a relatively immediate funnel for information regarding the globalization of higher education and research for the ‘knowledge economy’.

With all best wishes,

Kris Olds & Susan Robertson

7 thoughts on “Twittering for GlobalHigherEd

  1. Looks like you too have fallen for the twitterbug. But please don’t abandon the atweeists among your readers.

    You can help us follow *all* your ideas and links right here on this blog. Please consider using a tool that collects your ‘tweets’ and posts them here every once in a while.

  2. We have also caved to twitter at the request of collaborators in Brasil who prefer orkut and followers in the MENA and elsewhere who prefer anonymity @centregcs

  3. Thanks Abi…I believe the Twitter widget just below our map on the right column works along the lines you seek. The main constraint is it will only display the five most recent contributions while the archived “tweets” are better accessed via the subscriber-only (albeit free) service…correct me if not!

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