Collaborating to create a global brand for Canada’s higher education system(s)

Note: our thanks to Jean-Philippe Tachdjian, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT), Government of Canada, for permission to post his slideshow here. CMEC is the acronym for the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada. Kate Geddie’s earlier entry (‘Canada’s new branding effort: “Education in/au Canada”’), along with one by Nick Lewis on New Zealand (‘“New Zealand Educated”: rebranding New Zealand to attract foreign students‘) are worth reading in association with this slideshow.

One thought on “Collaborating to create a global brand for Canada’s higher education system(s)

  1. To whom it may concern:
    I am a Canadian citizen (and taxpayer) living in both Coquitlam BC and Bangkok Thailand (alternating months). I promote Canadian education to Thai students. The biggest hurdle I have to overcome is the Canadian brand, and the lack of a coordinated marketing effort to promote Canada as a viable option to the USA, the UK, New Zealand and Australia.
    Having read the New Education Brand for Canada, I am encouraged. The Brand looks good. How do you plan to market it and when will it be marketed in Thailand? I would love to be involved and get a chance to work with any Canadian government official who will be traveling to Bangkok to promote “Imagine”.

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