Linking to map out the globalization of higher education and research

uwlakeGreetings from the edge of UW-Madison’s snowy campus.

We are in the process of substantially enhancing the links column to the far right of this page.  The broad objective of this initiative is to provide links to relevant institutions, actors, events, and so on, while also providing some indicators and proxy measures of the nature of the globalization of higher education and research.

These are early days in this process. Please let us know <kolds [at]> if you have any suggestions as to links and categories that we should add…thanks!

Kris Olds

2 thoughts on “Linking to map out the globalization of higher education and research

  1. For Globalization of Education, what role do you think, “Agents” play in enhancing the reach of an institution to wider student population.

    “Agent”, in the United States is a dirty little word thought of as brokers of education – which is a no-no. But for the rest of the world, Europe and Australia, this is a major force in student recruitment from overseas educational institutions.

    When there is no problem in using an agent/recruiter/consultant for finding a job, I don’t see a reason why “agents” for education institutions is such a taboo.

    Disclosure: I am an consultant myself based in India, representing We help students find the right college/university overseas. We find this resistance from institutions in USA but not other countries.

  2. Here is a blog you might be interested in linking to:

    Exploring current issues in International Higher Education through the eyes of students, faculty, and alumni from the Higher Education Development Association (Hedda) at the University of Oslo. News, views, publications, alumni, faculty spotlights, student life and much more…

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