UK & US universities in China, Ethiopia & Singapore

Further to our 6 September posting on debates about the establishment of UK university campuses in China, and the 2 September posting about NYU’s plans for a campus in Abu Dhabi, the Times Higher Education Supplement notes today that a “second wave” of Asian initiatives are being explored by UK universities this autumn.

Amongst the possible initiatives that are briefly flagged in the article:

  • Imperial College London considering the establishment of a campus in Shanghai’s Pudong development zone, where the Lujiazui district acts as China’s Manhattan. This initiative is being “brokered” by David Willetts, Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, Conservative Party.
  • Warwick University discussing the establishment of a “Warwick Institute for Neuroscience in Singapore”.  The deliberations are likely to be informed by Professor Colin Blakemore once he shifts part of his position to Warwick from the UK Medical Research Council.
  • Three to four British universities meeting in October to discuss a joint campus in Singapore.

We will be developing a series of postings in the next few months about overseas campuses, including on those in China and Singapore. See this article on Singapore:

Olds, K. (2007) ‘Global assemblage: Singapore, Western universities, and the construction of a global education hub’, World Development, 35(6): 959-975.

for more analytical context.

Today’s Inside Higher Ed also has an article on US overseas ventures, though in this case it is about the forging of linkages (via degrees abroad) between an American university (Cornell University) and an Ethiopian university (Bahir Dar University). Unlike most UK initiatives in China, this has a stronger “development” objective, as the article notes:

“It’s very much a university strengthening program as well as a degree program,” said Alice Pell, director of the Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development and a professor of animal science who co-developed the program. “It’s important to understand that it is starting as a Cornell degree and that it will in the long-term morph into a Bahir Dar degree.”

Cornell University is, of course, active in a variety of regions and countries, including via the Qatar Education City development project.

The stretching of the institutional fabric of universities across global space is a complicated endeavor, strongly shaped by both intra-university factors and the nature of the state (and the practice of statecraft) in ‘host’ territories. We’ll also be developing a more analytical posting in October about the nature and impacts of the ‘modes of entry’ universities choose from (by design or accident) when venturing abroad.

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