NYU ventures abroad (again)

Inside Higher Ed posted a relatively detailed story about New York University’s negotiations to establish a campus in Abu Dhabi. I’ve been tracking NYU’s emerging presence in Asia via the Tisch School of the Art‘s campus in Singapore (Tisch Asia). Yet another case of a relatively well-resourced private American university exploring how to stretch its institutional fabric across space. Shades of Qatar Education City, though the scale of this possible campus and offerings are worth noting. The New York Times notes, in an article titled “N.Y.U. Plans a Branch in Abu Dhabi, Officials Say” (31 August, 2007) , that the director will be “Mariët Westermann, a Dutch-born specialist in northern European art, who is currently the director of the university’s Institute of Fine Arts”. This development process generates a series of fascinating questions about the forces underlying this development process, as well as about the institutional practices that are enabling these types of linkages to be forged. Unfortunately few analysts are examining this issue, as ACE’s Madeleine Green and her colleagues note in a recent (2007) report.

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